Figure Skating

Spin, jump, glide!

Whether you want to build your skating skills, learn to jump and spin or become the next champion, Iceland can help you achieve your goals.

Belmont Iceland closed its doors permanently on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Private Lessons

Looking for some one-on-one instruction? Need help getting to the next level of group lesson instruction? Interested in competing and performing in our ice shows?
A typical lesson is 30 minutes long, but the duration is flexible. Skaters pay the instruction fee and the admission to either a public or freestyle session, and skate rental fee (if applicable). Lessons may also be semi-private if the skaters are all at a similar level. In this case, each skater pays admission and skate rental (if necessary), but the instruction fee is divided between the skaters.

See our list of instructors and then fill out our Private Lesson Request Form below and email to our Skating Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up a lesson. Private lessons must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. 

Private Lesson Request Form

Please review our public session schedule (for skaters Delta level and below) or our freestyle session schedule (skaters at Freestyle 1 or higher) to determine what times will work best for you.

Freestyle Session Pricing

Pre-Registration generally opens on the 27th of the month prior at 6:30am and goes until the 5th of the month. However, the opening date may change due to holidays or other rink closures.  Sessions will be available online after the 5th, but the price will go up to $7 per ½-hour. Click the button below and then click the "View Sessions" button below Freestyles. This method offers the potential for the best price for any of our freestyle sessions. It is also the highest commitment because registering online requires you to select the specific dates and times you want to sign-up for. In exchange for that commitment, we give you a great price if you sign-up before the fifth of the month. The more sessions you register for in one transaction, the better price you will get (see pricing below).The other advantage to this method is that it guarantees you a space on a given session. For our Saturday morning and the later Monday and Friday afternoon sessions, we highly recommend registering online, particularly if you have a lesson scheduled on that session.

If you are going to be late to one of our busy sessions, please call to let us know you are coming. If you are not checked-in by 5 minutes after the start of the session, we will sell your spot to a skater on the waitlist.

Drop-in: $7.00 per half-hour session (30-minute sessions will be sold at box office)
1-10 half-hour sessions: $6.00 per half-hour
11-22 half-hour sessions: $5.00 per half-hour
23+ half-hour sessions: $4.50 per half-hour

For the pre-registration discount, you must purchase those sessions in one transaction, prior to the 5th of the month.

Online freestyle registration

Priority Freestyle Registration for Private Lessons

For skaters who take from instructors that teach in Belmont Iceland's Skating School, we are offering priority freestyle registration, for their lesson times only, for Monday and Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. Our coaches will turn in their lesson schedules each month, and based upon those schedules we will open up priority spots for those skaters. A skater must commit and pay for that session time for the entire month at the price of $7/session. These priority sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. If a coach cancels a lesson, for any reason, the skater should still skate, as we will not refund or transfer that session fee. These priority sessions must be paid for between 10am on the 21st and 10am on the 23rd. Any spot not paid for during the priority registration period will go back into the pool for open registration on the 27th.

Freestyle Session Waitlist

Our Saturday morning, Monday afternoon, and Friday afternoon sessions fill very quickly. If you do not get on to the session you want, please email our Skating Director, Robyn, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , to be put on the waitlist.

If a skater cancels prior to the day of the session, we will contact you by email or by phone to let you know that space has become available. You'll need to go online and pay for the appropriate number of sessions. These can be at any open session times. Then Robyn will transfer those registrations to the sessions you were on the waitlist for. For example, if you were on the waitlist for Mondays at 4:00pm and 4:30pm, and those times became available, we will email you to let you know to register. You can go online and pay for a Tuesday 6:00am and 6:30am session. Then Robyn will move the Tuesday sessions to Monday.

If you have not heard from us before the day of the session, it is up to you whether or not you come to the rink to see if you get on the session. It is still possible to get on a session the day of, as if a skater no-shows, we will take people from the waitlist. If a skater is not present in the rink by 5 minutes after the start of the session, or has not called to tell us they are running late, we will sell that spot and take someone from the waitlist.

In-House Competitions

Belmont Iceland organizes small ISI In-House Competitions periodically throughout the year. These events give current competitors extra opportunities to perform, while also providing opportunities for new skaters to get a small taste of the sport of figure skating. For our new skaters we offer simple events like Test Maneuvers, Solo Compulsory, and Jump and Spin Teams, which do not require a program to music. For our current competitors we offer Freestyle 1-10, Open Freestyle (which allow USFS competitors to perform their competitive programs at an ISI event), and Artistic events (that Basic skills competitors can enter and do their competitive programs). All entrants must be current ISI members. If you are enrolled in any of our skating school classes (including the Figure Skating Clinic) you are an ISI member.

Our next In-House Competition is Sunday, September 27 from 11:30am-2:30pm.

Competition Announcement

Competition Entry Form

Silver Spin Competition

The Skating Club of San Francisco and Belmont Iceland host the annual Silver Spin Competition usually on the first weekend in March.  Next year the competition will be held on March 5 and 6, 2016.
This competition offers both ISI and U.S. Figure Skating technical and artistic events as well as compulsory moves, spins events, dance, and Theater on Ice.



Skater Code of Conduct

To skate on a freestyle session as of September 1, 2014, a skater must have turned in a signed Freestyle Session Policies sheet. This sheet must be signed by the skater and a parent.


General Rules:

  • Skaters must sign-in for each session. If you have not signed in five minutes after the session has started, your spot may be given to a skater on the waiting list. Belmont Iceland will not refund fees if you do not check-in.
  • Skaters must pay for ice time before stepping on to the ice for a lesson.
  • If you skate any portion of a session, you must pay for that session. For example, if our sessions run on the half-hour (6-6:30, 6:30-7) and you skate 6:15-7:15, you must pay for 90-minutes of freestyle because you skated 15 minutes of 6-6:30 session, all of the 6:30-7 session, and 15 minutes of the 7-7:30. It is much better to pay attention to the start and end times of the freestyles, and skate accordingly.
  • If you are late getting on the ice, you cannot carry over into the next session free of charge.
  • Skaters must be at least at the Freestyle 1 or Pre-Preliminary 1 level to skate on a Freestyle session. Coaches may get permission for an exception, in order to give a lesson to a Beta-2-level-or-higher skater. However, the coach must be on the ice with the skater for the entire time he or she is on the freestyle. This is for the safety of both the low-level skater and the other higher-level skaters on the ice. Once the lesson is over, the skater must get off the ice. Even if you have paid for an hour freestyle, if your lesson is only 30-minutes, you must get off the ice. In this situation, you are much better served signing up for the freestyle online.
  • Clean up. Don't leave tissues, water bottles or trash behind. Remove your CD's, gloves, guards, and jackets from the boards at the end of the session. If they fall on the ice, they can cause damage to the Zamboni.


  • Programs have first priority for right-of-way.
  • Skaters skating their program must wear bright fabric belts so that they can easily be identified. Belts are kept on the music cart.
  • Lessons have second priority for right-of-way.
  • Seniority has third priority for right-of-way and responsibility to avoid collisions.
  • Be courteous: say "excuse me" and "thank you."
  • When passing slower skaters, always pass on the outside.
  • When skating towards another skater, and when in doubt, skate to the right.
  • Look both ways before skating to or away from the boards or your coach.

On the ice:

  • Do not stand around on the ice or at the boards. If you fall, get up as quickly as possible, unless you are seriously injured.
  • Dance and Moves in the Field patterns are allowed on Freestyle sessions. Exercise caution and be vigilant when practicing pattersn. Yield to skaters in lessons or skating programs.
  • Music can be played during Freestyle sessions, but must be kept at a tolerable level. Priority is given to playing program music. Restarting programs is not allowed unless no one is waiting in line to play their music next.
  • Parents are not allowed in the hockey players' box area during freestyle sessions. This space is for coaches or skaters only.
  • Skaters must be in a lesson to practice with a prop on the ice. The coach must stay with the prop the entire time. The prop may not be left unattended on the ice.

Parent Code of Conduct

  • No Parents allowed in hockey box area or standing at the boards.
  • Sessions must be paid for before skating. Skaters who have not checked-in may lose their spot on busy sessions.
  • Skaters must sign in for each session. We sell our ice in 30-minute increments with pre-registration, or 1-hour increments using a punchcard or paying drop-in. If your child, skates any portion of a given session, they must pay for the whole session. You may not straddle 2 sessions. For example, if the sessions are scheduled from 8-8:30am and 8:30-9am, and your child skates from 8:15-8:45am, you must pay for 1 hour of ice. Skaters caught skating partial sessions, will be forced to pay for the full session. Repeat offenders may be removed from the ice and asked not to return.

Coach Code of Conduct

To teach on a freestyle session as of September 1, 2014, a coach must have turned in a signed Freestyle Session Policies & Code of Conduct agreement.


  • Only coaches are allowed on the ice or at the boards to teach.
  • Coaches must pay a fee to the rink and be approved by the Skating Director before teaching any private lessons.
  • Coaches must provide proof of valid Liability Insurance showing East Bay Iceland dba Belmont Iceland as an additional insured.
  • Coaches must wear skates to teach on the ice. Do not step onto the ice in your shoes.
  • Students must pay for ice-time (Freestyle and/or Public) before stepping onto ice for lesson.
  • Educate your students on proper freestyle etiquette and how to “go with the flow” of skating traffic.
  • Coaches should also observe the rules of skating when on the ice. Do not stand in the middle of high traffic areas. Always be on the lookout for yourself, other skaters, and your own students.
  • Jump Harness is available for use in assisting jump technique. Prior experience is necessary. Permission must be given before using.
  • Dance and Moves in the Field patterns are allowed on Freestyle. Exercise caution and be vigilant when teaching patterns. Yield to skaters in lessons or skating programs.